About Co2 Grandis ®

Co2 Grandis <sup>®</sup> about
We are continually researching and sourcing new products and species such as Co2 Grandis ®. A subspecies of the Eucalyptus family, scientific name Eucalyptus grandis, but commonly know as Rose Gum or Flooded Gum.

Co2 Grandis ® is a versatile, straight grained uniformed fungi resistant hardwood with Class 2 durability see below. BRE tests also prove D35 structural properties and C36 density.

It can be easy painted, stained or left to naturally "grey" to give that rustic appearance. Comparable to many other hardwood on the market such as oak, teak, iroko as well as the softwood alternatives cedar larch. We source our timber from FSC certified plantation and are EUTR compliant and we aim to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and encourage sustainable practices. For example we use our off cuts in our commercial wood burning stove to heat our workshop in winter and provide heat for our kiln drying process.


When selecting your timber type for your project it is worth taking in to consideration BS EN 350 timber durability class.

Durability is the ability of a species to resist decay either naturally or through preservatives. The Class is based on the ability of the heartwood (inner part of the tree) to resist fungal decay. The sapwood (the living outermost portion of the tree)is considered not durable and should not be used for external projects without preservative.

BS EN 350 has 5 classes of durability they are:-
Class 1 to 3 can be left as untreated timber, a natural ageing process will accrue e.g. most timbers will turn a grey colour. Class 4 and 5 will need to be treated with preservatives.

For further information see www.greenspec.co.uk/building-design/cladding-durability-quality